Reviews for "Ninja Haters"


Congratulations on a great end to this meme (and to KAOSKING below for taking it too seriously!). The lyrics alone were fantastically creative and brilliantly performed. Well done guys!

Very cool.

Not sure why people don't think both pirates and ninjas are awesome (The very idea is blasphemy to most of you, I'm sure), but I personally think both were cool in their own style.

As to the animation:
The music was very good, the lyrics were amusing, and the animation, while not perfect (looks like paper dolls with pins for joints) is pretty good all the same.


so ya..

great rap!

this is well animated, and the rap is very well done. on the ninja vs pirate note, what the battle realy boils down to is opertunististic vs non-materialistic, those who take for themselves, and those who kill for themselves. ninjas werent just assasins who snuck around for no reason, nor did thier entire existance revolve around just karate itself. from what i know, they were opressed farmers who decided to take rise against a tyrannical empire. and piates werent just all swagg and plunder, atleast, not at first. from what i know, they were originaly marines under the employement of the british monarchy. then, they got fired, or something, and basicaly couldnt find jobs anywere else due to their skills being restricted to sea-traveling and fighting on the open ocean, or they were pissed at the king and his rule. either way, they decided to set out and take what they saw as rightfuly thiers. in actual battle terms, they were both experts in thier fields, one stealt, the other open combat. the battles outcome would greatly rely on the situation. on the way the pirates/ninjas have been stereotyped is greatly exagerated due to media. the ninjas werent able to be invisible, or disapear in a cloud of dust, and the pirate never fought against an entire batallion of navy ships, alone, and won with minimal damage to their own hull. ninjas were never wierd beings who had the capacity to destroy a planet...after five hours of seemingly random hand gestures and garbled giberish. pirates werent strange old men who resided in taverns and handed out treasure maps like candy, right before dying of a wound caused by other pirates, only for some happles kid to get caught up in the middle of some shifty adventure. this arguement is more of a fan vs fan war. its still fun all the same.

Oooh Captain Dan ^^

Captain Dan ^^