Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

sweet rap

dude pirate versus ninja....pirates always wins man ....yeah ....keep up the gud work man


i always liked ninjas better then pirates cuz of there stealth and honor and the fact that they can be heroes can you make a song about pirate haters? cuz ninjas r epic


i want more of captain dan and the scurvy crew!
any way good all around

For teh win, lulz

Honestly it was all pretty damn good, only thing I can really complain about is the anatomy of the characters was a bit of every now and then. Other than that everything was awesome and flowed together smoothly. Also I've always been a fan of pirates, lulz.

Love the rap

Rapping is great, animation is great mostly smooth and i love the references you put into the animation. Overall great job, ninja's aint got nothing on pirates ;) main reason being Ninja's fight with honour and wont sacrifice it while pirates use any means neccessary to win and get what they want ;p.
So far all your raps have been brilliant and they are great to listen to.. the animations go well with them aswell. congrats ;D
Ninja's aint got nothing on pirates cannonballs.