Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

No more make-believe Ninja crap...

Honestly, I don't know why people are always being haters towards pirates, people bragging how ninjas can run across water, perform ninja magic, and other mythical crap but in reality pirates have it made and ninjas are total pussies. That, and pirates make better movies, never saw a successful movie about ninjas in the USA... just saying :P


Not a huge fan of rap, and a ninja would completely kick a pirate's ass, but I really enjoyed your animation. It was a lot of fun!

SodaKick responds:

It's all in good fun, yo. Glad you liked!


I don't like rap, and I like ninjas....that being said, the animation good.

SodaKick responds:


TRue True

Ninja got no cannons. But batman can beat Solomon Grundy, Bane, and the scarecrow I want to see a pirate deal with that.

Lies and Slander!

I'd like to see a pirate defeat a gigglekiss dragon on the plane of nonstop Lifetime marathons using only their earlobes. Or surf on a Draculabot while re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Or battle an army of Warlock Warthogs in their sleep while all their bones have been removed. Can a pirate do that? A ninja learns to do that by preschool.

SodaKick responds:

I can spell my name in the snow. It's pretty impressive.