Reviews for "Ninja Haters"


OH DAMN! Cmon ninjas, you just gonna take that!? Captain Dan is callin you out! Response video, plz! XD

SodaKick responds:

yesplz. There are some ninja rappers out there. I'd love to see a rap battle collab between Cap Dan and some ninja dudes.

Not bad

I'll get to the good first - animation and lyrics despite being both in the favor of the side i wouldn't choose and a style of music i'm not a fan of, you did good with it.. i'm not gonna judge your artwork based on my bias opinions. the content overall went long enough, there was enough stuff happening to keep it interesting.. and once again despite being disinterested in the music choice, you created that song well.

I'd say as a negative... the historical accuracy of the characters and stuff.. it's not exactly what it was like, but i guess your concept caters more to the glamorized modern day cliche perceptions of both folk.

Pirates were really no different from regular scumbags and criminals who carried out their trade at sea where they had more freedom i guess, i doubt they saw them self as swashbuckling hat wearing hook handed guys making people walk the plank and crap.... and ninjas didn't really dress like that or have weird acrobatic skills and weapon mastery, they were just lower class people sick of the way the samurai were running things who made use of stuff like rice thrashers (nunchaku) commonly perceived as weapons but originally all just tools, and martial arts being a present skill at the time i guess people would have practiced and thats where the idea is at. the stealth approach was probably to compensate for their lack of gear and power. that said i pick them for their idea of revolt and traditional fighting methods.

i'm gonna stop talking crap now, but yeah. this was cool.

Loved it.

I think this portrays a pirates courage, wether that be the intentional or unintentional in any way. Pirates were always brave in a fight, and the ones who gave up were not the type of men that the captains wanted on their ship. Only the brave and fearless were aloud.

Jspriggs - Ninja's are not superior in some ways, and vice versa for pirates. But lets get some schooling done. Soap WAS invented back then, but was expensive and heavy, not to mention extremely toxic. Pirates didn't carry it because a single barrel could cost around the modern equivalent of 500$ American. As for their teeth, dental care was not around back then, and even moreso for Ninjas. Another dental thing, scurvy did not garm the teeth, but rather the gums. And Scurvy is a bad stereotype for Pirates. Very few ( 1-3 ) pirates per ship actually got scurvy. Oranges, Limes, and Lemons were a popular choice among pirates, as they were in high quantity after the Spanish conquered Southern America, which efficiently protected pirates from Scurvy.

And while your statement was mostly logical, it seems heavily biased. Try not to express biased opinions, because people will think you're a douchebag.

And to Nicholas, I sense the sarcasm in your comment. It made me laugh.

Pirates suck.

Ninjas are way cooler. Jack Sparrow was a cool captain, but was really incompetent considering he always was drunk. (Why's the rum always gone?) Total alcoholic. Pirates also always smelled like that shit, considering soap hadn't been invented yet and what else would you expect if you lived on a boat for months on end without stopping at port. Not to mention their awful looking (or lack of) teeth. Scurvy is right! @ NightmareV Ninjitsu isn't made up, its real. Its not magic either, dumb ass. Its trickery to gain the upper hand on opponents like the smoke and powder they use to blind and/or confuse enemies. Its exactly like the U.S. military equivalent of concussion, flash-bang and smoke grenades. Its a tactical move. Pirates didn't have that shit, did they? And the few guns they did use back then were extremely inaccurate and inefficient, sometimes backfiring and injuring the user instead of the enemy. As for the movies, I don't know because I don't watch any of either of the genre you mentioned. In short, ninjas are the better, more efficient and cooler warriors between the two. By the way, Chuck Norris is gonna be pissed when he finds out that he was used in this music video parody. Lol

SodaKick responds:

Everything you said is intelligent, well thought out, structured, and delivered and whoever you marry is going to be extremely lucky regardless of gender or species.


I love ninjas, i hate rap, facts arent straight, but eh, good animation and general plot

SodaKick responds:

Can't win em all. Thanks for your input.