Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

Sweet loved it, music was catchy and i think the animasion was sweet too. keep up the good work.

Discrimination against Japanese?!

I loved it. Great animation. Umm, but no, M-Trogdor-98, there's shouldn't be a Luffy vs Naruto version of this because Luffy isn't a pirate. Pirates steal from and kill the innocent, raid merchant ships, etc. Luffy never does that ever; he even fights off pirates to help the innocent out. The only way he could be considered a pirate is that he sails under a jolly roger (pirate flag). Despite what he THINKS he is, he is really only a pirate wanna-be. The closest thing to a pirate he can be classified as is an outlaw.

Martial artists are better than ninjas anyways

Your second flash and you're still going on strong.

There should be a Luffy Vs. Naruto version of this.

Can't wait to see what you upload next.

woooooooooooo best ever

they call us ninga haters ohhhhhhh