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Reviews for "Color Follower"

great game but...

there is too much movement in the background... you might want to add in an epileptic warning (hell i'm not epileptic yet i got a headache after 9 levels xD)

Very good but 1 mistake.

It would be hard to do considering you already have 1 slower moving orb but the red orb is set to lock onto the mouse position rather then follow it. You did get rid of the right click glitch but spaz movements and minimizing the game and hovering over another tab will cause the red to remain still until the mouse finds a new location on the game.
But the game as itself was great! 9/10 (Not for that problem.) 5/5

Really good game.so addictive.but menu and a game is always on vibrate hurts eyes.

Damn those last levels killed me!

But overall, a simple and addictive game that I've actually been playing on and off for 2 days now xD The music soon began to drive me insane, but the promise of medals kept me going! Nice job, the colours and pulsing shapes were an eyesore, but not to a degree where I went blind, just to the point where it made the game a little more challanging.

It lagged pretty badly on browser, but worked fine using NG player. The anti-right-click protection doesn't work sometimes when it lags, and you can skip through walls after holding and letting go of the left mouse button. You can also move your cursor out of the window and then jump to any position on any version. Every level possible on NG player, but at least level 27 and possibly more are impossible with the lag.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you for your review. When the game was originally released in 2011 it worked like clockwork, no lag at all and it was like that for good solid few years after that. And it was specifically made to not allow any cheating. I'm aware it lags terribly now and it makes it almost unplayable and not fun. And sadly I don't know exactly why. Probably browser issues. I lack the motivation to look into it and potentially fix it at the moment as I consider it a finished project. Thank you for spending time and energy trying to play my old lagging game. Check out my other stuff if you want, it will be more playable hopefully.