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Reviews for "Color Follower"

Jesus Christ

The music is TERRIBLE. It has terrible transitions between each level, and is only one bar on the song in a loop for each one. Put the whole song on a loop and don't have it change every fucking time you start a new level.

Too Slow and Too boring

At times it is nice the blue orb moves slow, but most of the time I need it to move faster so that I can get on with my life. You need to incorporate a fast forward button (to use when you are getting the blue orb into position). I didn't make it that far cuz I just got bored. Nice gameplay idea though.


great idea but i found a major glitch , since the red thing is controlled by the mouse it seems if you can move the mouse fast enough you can skip all those red dots and walls making it really easy to win. try putting a speed limit or some thing on that red thing

Those graphics...

irratating, I know its supposed to be retro but those graphics frankly make my head hurt, the game itself is dull and not fun. Ok concept though


The game is good. But it is so boring. I got bored after level 5. The music is repetitive and the graphics while I understand are supposed to be retro really are basic and as boring as game play. Ok so I might have been nice when I said it was good.

RatherRandomReality responds:

You a nice guy.