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Reviews for "Color Follower"

kind of an eyesore

the gameplay is clever, although a little slow with a shallow learning curve(a little TOO shallow) but my biggest complaint is in the graphics.
All those waving hexagons are just a pain in the ass to look at, man. You really need some sort of an option allowing the player to keep everything still as opposed to wobbling all over the place, 'cause nobody wants to look at this seizure inducing mess of hexagons. Nobody.


Would give ya a 9... but all those moving shapes totally make me nauseous. Not sure what you were thinking there.


not a bad idea, the music was cool...but the hit box was pretty gay and on top of that i could.nt see half the time. are you trying to give somebody a seizure? improve these things then it'll be fun

Boo... :(

It gave me a headache. And the whole game is like a giant escort mission... Which are never fun.

Pretty good

its a classic puzzle game, fun, but the lights stress ur eyes and it gives u headaches. It would be good if u would add a little storyline to it. But besides tht it was challenging and fun, id give it a 6 1/2 if i could