Reviews for "Color Follower"


I adore this game. From the moment I started playing, I found myself having to think in new and interesting ways, focusing on the differing abilities of the colored agents. No sooner had I mastered that, than the game presented me with timing challenges that relied on correct and timely orders for my blue partner to follow me...or, in some situations, not to.

The graphics are vivid and difficult to miss, the music is engaging and a definite mood enhancer that elevates the gaming experience by its sheer presence, and the challenge level has a steep enough curve to keep me interested without being so sharp that I simply give up.

I really like this game, and I intend to link it to others.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks for the nice words, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Very entertaining, I'd like more levels


great idea but i found a major glitch , since the red thing is controlled by the mouse it seems if you can move the mouse fast enough you can skip all those red dots and walls making it really easy to win. try putting a speed limit or some thing on that red thing


A purely enjoyable game, it has been fun!

I'ts actually nice

I don't know why this game is having that many bad points,the play style is a bit confussing and controls and sometimes you hit the wall when you think that you shouldn't had, but overall I think it's pretty challenging plus the idea of control a red crystal that can traspass blue walls to atract a blue crystal that cannot traspass red walls into a maze to make having them together into a goal point sounds like a good point for a game. Level I liked 18, level I hate 25...