Reviews for "Color Follower"

Cheated on lvl 13

If you move your mouse quick enough after you press start you can get on the blue square thing, I'm assuming you're supposed to go around to get to the square aha.
That aside, moderately amusing game and passes some time. (Y)

Pretty good

its a classic puzzle game, fun, but the lights stress ur eyes and it gives u headaches. It would be good if u would add a little storyline to it. But besides tht it was challenging and fun, id give it a 6 1/2 if i could


hmm to beginners guys it isnt THAT hard its fun to REALLY fun

Needs work

It's a pretty good concept for a game, but it does need some work. Especially the graphics of it, it hurts to play!

Boo... :(

It gave me a headache. And the whole game is like a giant escort mission... Which are never fun.