Reviews for "Color Follower"

A good game..if you want to have a seizure. Boring and pointless.

Its good.

its a nice game idea

but mechanics like the invincible red and blue zones can be touchy and mess someone up to easily. also, its too easy to bypass the antiright-click system. 6/10


I its a good game,with a simple,but unique concept. I was considering a 8 0r 9/10,but considering once you've lost to a level 20 timmes, and that irritating music...does get on your nerves. But overall,give yourself a pat on the back.

~Report Card~

Concept: 9/10
Game-play: 7/10
Sensible?: 6/10
Puzzle: 8/10
Plot: 5/10

Total Score: 35/50

I'll keep an eye on you...;)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks for playing.

Heres what I think

It has a great concept and all,
the only problem is that if you're off by even 1 pixel, you're dead
the fact that everything moves according to that grid makes the entire game as if you're playing a Tiny 164x164 pixel screen game