Reviews for "Color Follower"

kind of an eyesore

the gameplay is clever, although a little slow with a shallow learning curve(a little TOO shallow) but my biggest complaint is in the graphics.
All those waving hexagons are just a pain in the ass to look at, man. You really need some sort of an option allowing the player to keep everything still as opposed to wobbling all over the place, 'cause nobody wants to look at this seizure inducing mess of hexagons. Nobody.

Good concept

Pretty cool, but the graphics are just... ugh.


You can play on a touchpad, but you must be skilled and experienced with playing games on a touchpad :P

I play on a touchpad :D

This game is really cool - simple, but it is not easy. It provides increasing challenges and you have to think before you act, while even having some levels make you think on the fly, because if you wait - you die.

I give this a 10/10 & 5/5
Nice work :)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Respect, touchpad maestro.

Pure motherflipping genius

You must be a chess player in order to come up with such a game. What colors, what strategy. Highly recommended for people who value puzzlers and intelligence.


Very cool and ingenious game. I really enjoy killing time with this. One of the best puzzles I've ever played. Your idea was great!... But, there's only one thing I noticed... If you move the mouse too fast, the red jewel can pass through even red walls. Though that, it's a great game!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks, buddy, I'm glad you liked it. And in defense of the issue you point out, the whole theory of Quantum Physics is based on the fact that some elements move from one point to another without ever being between the two points.