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Reviews for "Color Follower"

Uhg I'm having a seisure

The game is good but seriously seizure inducing...

No Hardware acceleration, No fun

the game is fun though

eye rape!

good game but o my god this is an eye stain and an eye rape!

It was enjoyable at first...

...until the levels that decide that its just fine and dandy to kill you because your mouse is not on the exact right spot on the start button! (I'm looking at you 17) The music is annoying, and the concept was entertaining until the fake difficulty was piled on.

i think this is a great game

i found a little cheat though i didnt play all the way through to the very last stage yet but i will but if you right click you can move the red peice anywhere you want then left click and the red piece will be where ever you want it to be but that isnt going to help on every level the game is about patience and its a good one... nice job man

RatherRandomReality responds:

Horrible things happen to you if you right click.