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Reviews for "Color Follower"

Jesus Christ

The music is TERRIBLE. It has terrible transitions between each level, and is only one bar on the song in a loop for each one. Put the whole song on a loop and don't have it change every fucking time you start a new level.


All these songs are from super crazy guitar maniac deluxe?(2?)
I think I wanna play that now =]
Good game though, you really need to warn people about the flashing lights. Someone might actually have a seizure and they can sue your ass. ;o

RatherRandomReality responds:

My ass is not afraid.

Good Idea

Good idea but I couldn't play this for longer then 3 mins before my eyes started hurting :P

Fun, but with a funny oversight

Decent time killer. However, i use a wacom tablet, so i can click around which instantly puts the pointer there. So i can move the red anywhere i want with no trail or woory about walls!

My eyes...

Oh man... Good idea, good game but I can't stand it for more than 10 minutes.