Reviews for "Color Follower"

great game but...

there is too much movement in the background... you might want to add in an epileptic warning (hell i'm not epileptic yet i got a headache after 9 levels xD)

Challehging, Hard, Fun

Awesome game, love it! Real great challenge and great music.


Awesome game. I loved it! Although, if you ask me 29 was harder than 30. I liked the music and never got tired of it and enjoyed the simplicity of the graphics. I think if it was any different I wouldn't of liked it so much. So great job!

Great game!

But, damn, I'm stuck on level 28! Help me! (PM me, plz)

Damn those last levels killed me!

But overall, a simple and addictive game that I've actually been playing on and off for 2 days now xD The music soon began to drive me insane, but the promise of medals kept me going! Nice job, the colours and pulsing shapes were an eyesore, but not to a degree where I went blind, just to the point where it made the game a little more challanging.