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Reviews for "Color Follower"

It lagged pretty badly on browser, but worked fine using NG player. The anti-right-click protection doesn't work sometimes when it lags, and you can skip through walls after holding and letting go of the left mouse button. You can also move your cursor out of the window and then jump to any position on any version. Every level possible on NG player, but at least level 27 and possibly more are impossible with the lag.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you for your review. When the game was originally released in 2011 it worked like clockwork, no lag at all and it was like that for good solid few years after that. And it was specifically made to not allow any cheating. I'm aware it lags terribly now and it makes it almost unplayable and not fun. And sadly I don't know exactly why. Probably browser issues. I lack the motivation to look into it and potentially fix it at the moment as I consider it a finished project. Thank you for spending time and energy trying to play my old lagging game. Check out my other stuff if you want, it will be more playable hopefully.

Before I forget, you do have to replay the game again and go to the map screen after having beaten all 30 stages before it'll award the medal. Not intuitively obvious as one would expect you earn the medal upon completing that 30th stage.

A nice little cute quick puzzle game.

FYI, if you move fast enough, because of the discontinuous way it decides on your mouse cursor's position, you can tunnel through barriers. It's how I got the 2nd place score after playing this for probably half an hour total. I'm sure I could have easily lifted my score a bit higher than where I got it up to by revisiting some of the levels (especially a few of them that I left sub-optimal just because I was glad to be done with them), but I didn't think I could quite shave enough time off the various levels to get my score past 10k and to the first place slot without a LOT of pain and misery and suffering, so I'll graciously accept 2nd place on this one (but I'm still the best on Pause Ahead and no one's ever beating my speedrun on that). I did this with a frickin' TOUCHPAD and not a proper mouse after all so I think my performance is nothing to balk at.

So you might consider such things as that when making programming for things such as this in the future, because it makes the solutions for some of the puzzles a bit easy and cheesy, to win them drastically faster and in super-easy ways that you weren't intending. Call it cheating if you want, but I feel I operated within the rules. I just moved too quickly for it to detect that I passed through a red barrier, and if that's the way the game behaves, exploiting it is fair game IMHO. Naturally there was no way to make the blue thing move fast enough to pass through blue barriers, of course, so there were still some considerations to the strategy of the game that were like its original intent even when playing like this, but it's interesting how it actually makes each level a completely different sort of game when it is played in this way.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Congrats on getting first place on the highscore rankings, a great achievement I have to say.

A very good game, fun and original. Unlike some of your games that start hard already this game starts easy and then gradually becomes harder which is how it is supposed to be.

I only give 4 stars and not 5 because there is no story and characters are plain octagons of color and have no personality. I understand it is kinda superfluous to ask for a puzzle game, but still it is what made the difference from good to perfect for me.

Really good game.so addictive.but menu and a game is always on vibrate hurts eyes.