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Reviews for "Round 1"

This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
I gave you 7 for both mix and composition in this, which means as an electronic artist you're on the right path to progress smoothly in the future.
Mix: 7/10
The song has a decent mix. It's warm and bright, quite deep sounding which is key for the genre. What it really lacks is punch, your drums are very flat sounding and the whole piece lacks the signature impact of the genre, I feel, except every now and then during the most brutal parts, but even then the brutality is thanks to clashing sounds rather than the mixing. At 2:27 it's closer to what I would have expected. You're on the right track!
Composition: 7/10
I admit electronic music isn't my cup of tea in general so I compare tracks I have to judge to popular examples in the genre. I think that your track is pretty well written, it has some variation and diverse sounds throughout, swapping back and forth works in its favour very well. I do find the heavier parts to be repetitive and noisy though and in themselves could have been more varied. I find the heavy synth sound quite annoying too whereas I can usually listen and not feel annoyed.

7/10 total, not bad dexarson!

It's just great.

gd world

Just add download and its perfect