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Reviews for "Round 1"

Production is fantastic. Tune is damn groovy! Nice progression of build up and release.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


You know, funnily enough, to me this is exactly the kind of contest submission I would expect in the spirit of an "audio deathmatch". It's aggressive, dangerous and has this "I'm going to eat every competitor alive" kind of vibe to it! This is in no small way due to the positively vicious bass you've got going here, so props on creating such a menacing, roaring sound. To accompany this powerhouse of a bass synth we've got suitably powerful percussion, and pitch-automated sawtooth and square leads that are simply chock-full of tension. In all honesty, one of the best things about this track would have to be your synths. They synergise astoundingly well with each other to create such a great mood, and to put it simply, if anyone were to ask for a "dubstep video game boss theme" then I would direct them straight to this.

The bad news is that I unfortunately didn't find this as interesting as it could have been. It's hard to stand out in a genre that has been done to death like dubstep, but this doesn't make much of an effort to do so. Sure, I have to give it credit for being one of the more aggressive submissions of the round, but aggressive isn't enough to stand out in a genre which is almost known for being aggressive. None of the melodies particularly stand out, the sections in which you drop the bass (like 0:45) are pretty uninteresting once you get past the hype of the buildup and initial explosion of the bass, since they're pretty repetitive and lacking the variety and sound design that makes dubstep tracks stand out. On two lesser notes, I think your cymbals are a bit too harsh (they sound almost like raw white noise!) and the buildup ending at 2:04 is underwhelming compared to the MUCH better buildup up to 0:45.

Despite that, the mood of this track is so likeably angry that I can't help but enjoy it regardless!

SCORE: 8.3/10

dexarson responds:

Thanks bro <3 xoxo

round 1 review ok

yea like step i also really enjoyed the vibe of this. it's just got that little something that i can't put my finger on.

the mix was pretty solid, a few moments where the mastering was a bit too heavy but otherwise suitably bangin'. i would've liked a lot more variation in your synth work, not necessarily complextro style but just more morphing and little synth licks (e.g. 1m14s) - it feels like its just a bunch of slightly differing rhythms of the same thing, although the 2nd section is definitely more fleshed out in that regard. nice little middle breakdown, wish the 2nd buildup was a bit more interesting though!

ending is a little disappointing, i think it was acid-paradox on here who used to call that bit of reverb after an unfinished track the "noob tail" :P obviously you know what you're doing, so i think a more dj-friendly ending would've been nice. even just one final crash/boom sound at the end would've been better than just letting it trail off like it does. anyway this was pretty solid work with minor flaws, in need of some more fleshing out and finer details.


Really good. The dragon's lair by Nasgubb! :D

absolutely fantastic.

I like it, but dex arson is better than this.

But its awesome