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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"

Awesome game

But the battles should be harder and more challenging. I also would like it to be like Sonny where to win some battles you had to follow a precise skill base along your tree. Also, the screen should shake more on critical strikes to make it more epic!

Very fun

Just beat it and had lot of fun. Really only thing to critique is that I had a ring to put up stat but that didn't have effect on what I could use.. something that I only found out after upgrade so that sucked lol But overall great game and can't wait for sequel


great game.
Looking forward to the next part.

Very well-made friend.
I feel like I'm playing a Medieval version of Fallout 2: Brotherhood of steel :-)
I'm a big RPG fan, so I'm enjoying the storyline, and the process of building up your characters.
The system is thoughtful, and easy to get your head around.
I like the BGMs too.
Great animations on a whole.
Good Job

The warrior class is awesome didn't die once haven't tried the others yet.
The storyline was nice don't know if it changes.
Am about to play it again