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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


I would like more intelegent AI or the option to choose agression(Target most health, Target least health, Target specific class, etc) Other then that solid game chap.

It's well made and nice

The gameplay isn't very exiting in my opinion, but my only real complaint is that you can't play as a female character. What if you are a girl in real life? Although I guess it's alright. The music is fitting, the graphics are nothing to scoff at, and it's solidGreat work on the game though!

Fantastic Role Playing Game

The Legend of the Void game was created by Obelisk Games.

The MAIN WEBSITE for Legend of the Void information (other than here) http://www.obeliskgames.com/index.php

The game creator has a FORUM (see LINK below) which enables Players of this fine RPG to provide input on the games future design as well as provide a means to reporf problems with the game

Another function of the FORUM is to submit "Trade Characters" using the games built in EXPORT function (found in the Load Character area), as well as, use other "Characters" found on the FORUM which can be played by coping the CHARACTER CODE and using the games built in IMPORT FUNCTION (also found in the Load Character Area).

FORUM LINK: http://legendofthevoid.com/forums/ind ex.php

With a Interesting Storyline, four Difficulty Levels, three Character Classes, lots of Armor, Weapons, and other Items to find, and a huge area to explore, the Legend of the Void - Chapter 1, is sure to please and is a MUST PLAY by everyone here on Newgrounds.

Play the game then visit the FORUM (see above) and help the game designer in design Chapter 2 - soon to be in development.