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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


AT FIRST When I saw the type of game it was, I was ready to leave. Coming from 3-d games played in xbox 360 I find it hard to go to platform games like this especially those with click action. But then I actually got into it. 3 Hours later, I was still playing!


i loved the rpg. I liked how you get to pick your preferred combat style and honestly it was a great story. Great way to end the game for the sequel cant wait...

great game

has to be the best game ive played on newgrounds so far

I found it pretty good

There's just one thing that bothered me throughout the whole game: the walking speed... and the endless clicking on the mouse :/ but otherwise, this game was just entertaining not to mention the exciting storyline but also the graphics were amazing... good job! :)


Great game i get bored very easily so it goes without saying once i start a game i usually stop mid way or as soon as it starts repeating itself but in this game i was actually compelled to play it all the way to the end ... and just some tips it should be easier to lvl up and you should get more skill points i was lvl 7 or 8 i think and still didn't have any full skills tree whether it be battle discipline or rage but all in all great game i just wish i had gotten more skills to use & lvled up more so i could use the 30 strength armor and gear i was warrior class btw