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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"

v. good

Kept me glued to my pc. i've probably given it more time than it deserves tho. The sense of accomplishment is kinda lacking at the end and the inventory UI system is tedious and hard to keep track of.

[a grid system would perhaps work better]

The turn based combat is ok but can be reduced to some very simple and OP tactics.

It's mostly the story immersion that keeps the game going. A sense of urgency.

fucking great game

i could easily see this on xboxlive arcade

VERY engrossing

What can't I say good about this game? The graphics are nice, the story's engaging, the music is well done. Absolutely fantastic!

Love the game, encountered bug...

Game definitely pulled me in during gameplay. Addicting, enjoyable... the dialogue seems to be done well. I would've kept playing but I ran into a game-freezing bug during combat with Malfaren. Somehow, after killing a summoned skeleton, it kept reappearing. Then, when I stopped killing it, a second one spawned somewhere way off screen and attacked with a weird graphic.

Then, a windmill attack graphic, a damage icon (-53), the text msgs "sword attack", "heal", and "summoned skeleton's turn" all froze onto the screen. The game had been lagging, so I had turned down the quality quite a bit. I'm beginning to think the game has a massive memory leak.

Despite this, I will try to come back and play the game some more later. Quite addicted. Hope it works next playthrough. If devs want a screenshot, I have one saved on my computer. I will email it if interested.


At first this game seems nothing more than your standard Newgrounds RPG, nothing really notable. But the more I played the more I got sucked into it all. The plotline was very short and fast-paced, yet seemed to oddly last the appropriate amount of time. As for the story itself it was a nice concept, with trying to prevent Armaggedon and all that. I especially enjoyed how you didn't really prevent it. This stands out from many games in that you imply failure. I agree with the guy a few comments below me in that the plot IS kind of cliche, (hero arises with faithful companion against evil wizard to prevent the end of the world) but I still liked it.
Now about the graphics- I wasn't even playing on the highest setting and they looked freaking great for a game like this. The whole thing fitted the game. Overall very badass game my friend.