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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


I love how you can interchange difficulties from casual to legendary in every different battles and play legendary at the final bosses to give it the "final stage" feel of the game at the last moment.

The only thing that bothers me is that when you restart the game or when you load your character, the earlier enemies do not respawn, which
inevitably makes the gamer level up his/her character to a maximum level of only 10 (some will only level up to 9 if you do not explore the map well, am i right?). Furthermore, since you can't level up higher than that, you are unable to acquire other skills which you may need to defeat the bosses on a legendary level. So my suggestion is that there may be room for improvement in redoing the experience gain.

And the character statistics doesn't really provide specific data or how accurate can your character dodge/resist a physical or magical attack per chance since it only shows general info when you click C.

Lastly, are the articfacts only for selling? OR do they really have an orb effect of a use, for the next chapter perhaps? :)

That's some of my concerns. Overall, this game still kicks ass and I am still very addicted to it.
Graphics 9/10
Audio 8/10 (may need variety of sounds for a different atmosphere of battles)
Gameplay 8/10 (needs fine tuning but i think the game is powerful)

I give this 9 as it is a great start of the chapter. Thanks for an awesome game and Goodluck!

that was amazing

Hope to see the next one soon.

Decent, if standard

Was a bit easy. First try in about an hour-hour and a half (never having to redo a fight or use more than 1 potion). So... meh, the balance is around the edge of being too easy or too hard, as with this sort of game as soon as you up the difficulty just a little too much they become impossible. Not sure how to judge it on that bit.

At any rate, the graphics were decent, though it was still a bit laggy (I imagine some optimizing of your code would bring it in line. Many of your effects could likely be compiled into something much more simple; flames of the bosses and lightning storm come to mind. That said, they do look good :D)

I didn't pay attention to the story line at all, but the people seem to be happy with it.

The gameplay itself was alright; I like that the system doesn't make you jump through a bunch of menus to do your skills. I REALLY dislike the opaque or black-box style of the skills. Without knowing damage, or how +Magic or +Willpower actually work, I just have to guess. That's ok in some sense so it's less "gamey", but at the same time; it's a game! It's a single player game! It should be somewhat gamey...

Knowing that the fireball does basically nothing different than a regular magic attack (mine did LESS than my magic attack..) I couldn't figure out how to pump it up to be any good. Being limited to one summon is arbitrary, annoying, and reminiscent of my least favorite summoning system: the Elder Scrolls (any of 'em.) I want skellies! Any necromancer lover from Diablo wants more than one summon! There are better ways to put limits in; but I can't really critisize your game based on that.

Oddly enough I was mostly watching the game from a programming perspective as I've been programming in other languages a lot but am just now getting into flash; so I was seeing how things interacted, how the animations were being done, how clicks and mouseovers interacted etc...

Anyway, well enough done; I'll say the music was good as well.

Played it in a single sitting.

I would like the option each level, to either distribute my party-member's stat points or skill points, or both.

I really liked the Junk system for the armor and I felt that there was not too much item-spam.

I also like that there wasn't an excessive amount of retracing steps when a quest was complete.

I really like how the skill-tree was layed out, allowing for more customization throughout the game; I didn't feel "locked in".

Great beginning

I was really bugged that I never got to recieve a third or fourth member though. Other than that, no complaints. Perhps a map option to skip to previously visited areas. That's all from me. Thank you.