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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


awesome game c:

Almost Perfect

Now that was a satisfying RPG. There are few enemy sprites, but again it was all programed by one guy (that, and the Terror Wolf enemy freaked me out the first time). The skill trees are fun and varied, even allowing a Warrior player to be different from Rogan. Murder is the funniest ability ever, although it is a bit broken. In short, it was a few hours well-spent.


Well, this game plays well. You do not get bored of it, the combat is fluid, weapons/armor varied and a good story.
Wating for part 2.

Well done

These kinds of games can get unoriginal and disappointing compared to bigger RPGs that cost money and all that, but I really enjoyed this. I kept playing instead of getting sick and swtiching to something else.

So much WANT!!

I agree with EikyuuNightfall, I thought it was awesome and that you really need to make another one taking EikyuuNightfall's comments into account. :)