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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"

Really good game :) If you are reading this review before playing the game, note that hard seems like normal, normal is like easy and easy is like a potato mode, so you'll kind of have to gauge what difficulty you want it at in the menu. When I was playing, I chose warrior class, and pretty much slaughtered everyone in normal mode, even Old one eye in about 2 rounds. I changed to hard mode and defeated Arch-Mage Gazzen from there. Also, there is just way too much money, I never bought anything or used a health/mana potion and now have about 3000 in gold at the end. Anyways, an amazing game!

couldve added 1st eprson

Great game... really like it, but it's way too easy. I choose warrior... I put ALL my ability points into strength, and well... I never even came close to losing a fight. By the time I got to the final boss I had "decapitate" which is a ridiculously strong skill. I killed the boss in 2 hits, then the other boss in 3 hits. They barely had a chance to even touch me or Rohan. Also, I always had way more money than I could use. Like way, way more. I never even used a single health potion... I just never needed to. But anyways it seems you fixed all this in Legend of the Void 2 because that one is more difficult.

great game!!

pretty goood espically chapter one