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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"

Everything is great about this game, Legend of the void 1 and 2 are amazing rpg's, up to the same standards as some triple A games. great music, animation flows well. A small complaint I have is that one of my summoned void demons got killed by 3 roaming wolves which I'd say is pretty odd considering the ability is near the end of one of the skill trees and the demon only has 35 health. Other than that its an amazing game, a classic and one that I just keep coming back for more!

I'm hooked on this game. I don't have a single complaint about it, the music is clear and not repetitive, fun fighting mechanics, both the overhead graphics and battle scene graphics are fairly smooth and not to mention all the loot to keep it interesting. Good job.

Legend of the Void and Legend of the Void 2 are the best online free RPG games that I know

One of the best games ever! I've played this many times and it's so fun, the battles , the plot line and everything is just wow!

if you have alot of points into strength and you have the backstab attack (if you have about 80 damage dealing or 60 you can 1 shot them becaus backstab attack is ridicilous as rouge)