Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

Extreamly Addicting

I honestly thought this game was going to be a waste of my time, but as soon as i started i didnt want to stop. I have been playing since there were no review. I already know this is going to be rewarded best of day and week. A game like this just has to.


Love this game :)


if you add keys ASDWX to move around i can use plug my gamecube controller on plug on my pc to play this game

Lots of fun!

Great gameplay, great customizability, great enemies!

I can see that a lot of work when into this, great job!

Being able to reset points mid-level was an amazing idea! This made the game much more strategic and MUCH more fun! Nice.

My suggestions for a MD3:
1)The game was a little long. The last ten waves or so do not add that much. Just more of the same. The replayability of this game minimizes this issue, tho.
2) You should have a level select!
3) The 15 fish combo award seems a little unrealistic. I would not say that just bc I cannot do it that it is impossible, but I have never even come close in several attempts. I have never even seen 15 fish in that short of a period of time. Then again, I am guessing that some people lucked (or skilled) their way into this one.

How to max all upgrades early!

There is a glitch.. <,<
If you get all in-game achievements (as soon as possible) you will get 12 free upgrade point..
from that point, every time you beat a wave and save.. refresh the page (f5)..
you will get 12 extra points.
repeat it for all waves ;O