Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

Great Game

I liked all featurees of this game. For a flash upgrade game it is top notch.

Imaginative and best of all fun

The game itself and the concept is excellent. I'm glad that people are still creating decent flash based games which don't include stickmen fighting or shooting each other.

This game also offers great design boasting a excellent musical score as well.

I do think that the controls were slightly difficult to get the hang of at first, however after a while they are fairly easy to grasp. It is recommended that you play with a handheld mouse rather than a mousepad, as the game is entirely reliant on mouse controls (Apart from using the spacebar for upgrades)

The upgrading system works marvellously, on the simple grounds that the player is able to revert any upgrades that they may have purchased. This then allows that player to then decide what they think may be the best combination of upgrades, without having to commit entirely to a couple of sections, such as Size, Speed, Health etc

Overall I thought that the game was really enjoyable, and is fun for players who want to just smash boats and eat people, as we all do from time to time :)


Is to tough. Needs more upgrade-points, independent from achievements and those fishernets needs to be removed. Other than that, it's an good game.

best to find a way to adapt with laptops too

REALLY awesome game, it's just when i'm in the air hitting down airships and aliens, the slider on the mouse pad gets hit and the whole window slides, then moby just falls... and misses, all in all great game, original, and i love how you added in parts of the story

pretty awesome

tho the mouse control was sometimes very... eh, for lack of better words. but then again, any other way to control ol dick would take away from his fishyness (dont correct me, i know) and ALMOST everytime i got angry about this, i realized that more often than not, my cursor wasnt even on the game screen. so yeah. othern that, which isnt even really an issue at all, just takes some time to get used to, i cant really find faul with anything, except maybe what kfunk was sayin with the combos.. and that to destroy boats, all it takes is to move the mouse in circles. maybe like a spout of water attack, a flipper flail, some button commands like that? specially since all the game requires is to move the mouse, leaves the keyboard wide open. anyway great job