Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"


VEry funny!
looks like Jaws the Game in 2D to me!

Great Game! I found Patrick! LOL

Great time killer and like how you put in Patrick.

fun and simple, but needs more polish.

I like the music, the playful graphics. The upgrades are various and robust. I don't like the fact Moby has all these skillsets and the game never evolves past spinning in circles or charge-diving up to hit ships/balloons. I see no reason why he couldn't have used some kind of geyser/water-spout upgrade to hit the aircraft, maybe rock-hard teeth to chew through the boats rather than ram them all the time. Perhaps this humorously would lead to Moby fighting crude metal battleships in an attempt to protect themselves. Other than hiding like a big baby mammal and eating fish, the dive talent is dull. Put some sunken treasure chests or health-dropping coralreef to chomp on to give more use to the dive and bonus/luck ability. What I feel missed the most out of this game is a few fights with a Captain Ahab boss, using various Wiley Coyote insane mechanisms to fight you.

Good but...

I really loved this game i played for hours but the skill system seems like its a little too specific. Like to upgrade all things individually and only get 1 point per round and only 1 or 2 for achievements made it a little too difficult unless you when and used some sort of guide. I had trouble making a balanced game. If i point points into health i needed speed and vice versa. Just maybe next time include 2 skills together like speed AND boost or health and regen. Just a thought

well it gets boring

after the first like 15 waves it gets boring and by the 25th wave i shut it off. The first ones the same but this one is somewhat a little more interesting and you can just easily destroy ships by going around in a circle and hitting the ships with your tail ^_^