Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

For those who cant reach the martians

Max out the following in the following order: speed. diving, boost

the speed is needed to get there, the boost gives you the...well boost you need to get up there and diving helps you get down there to build up the speed you need to reach the martians and the moon if you want to get the moon biting achievement for extra upgrade points

Great Game

Very fun but gets annoying when you can't just high enough to hit the enemy liek the damn aliens!!! . but fun overall

Good gameplay, but becomes too hard afterwards

I do enjoy playing this game, the fact that you can adjust your upgrades puts some strategy into it.

But after level 17 and onwards, the game seems to become too difficult. I mean, trying to hit the martians when their too high up makes things hard. Ad when lots of ships are together, you tend to lose a lot of health when attacking, and even more while hanging in the air. Plus the only way to attack is to ram and swipe your tail, which is difficult sometimes when using only the mouse. Maybe add a few more ways to attack, like the spout, and lessen the amount of attacks enemies do, especially the aliens. I can never seem to evade them or their attacks.

Other than those complaints, this is a good game. Keep up the good work.

Expected more from a whale of destruction

I guess I was expecting more action and the ability to destroy more things. Plus the mouse control makes it limited by which the keyboard would be much better suited for this game. Unfortunately, I found it's pace to be too slow and not as entertaining as I had hoped for.

hell yeah!

number 2 is out