Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"



Level 50 Impossible

Great concept and relatively smooth difficulty curve.

The game eventually gets to the point where it is unbeatable. For me, that's level 50. It is nearly impossible to swim, jump or sit without being hit by enemy weapons.

Up to that point the difficulty gradually builds itself at a good pace. Bonus points come in regularily allowing you to upgrade.

I do like how you can change your setup based upon the needs of the current situation.

This game keeps me coming back.


it was alright, good time killer,

How to max all upgrades early!

There is a glitch.. <,<
If you get all in-game achievements (as soon as possible) you will get 12 free upgrade point..
from that point, every time you beat a wave and save.. refresh the page (f5)..
you will get 12 extra points.
repeat it for all waves ;O

Great but...

Mouse control only is a crappy limited way to play, better to have an option of the keyboard or mouse.

Also there are points where all the ships are spamming so many bombs its difficult to avoid even with a super small body with high speeds.

Lots of difficult in maneuvering in close quarters if you suddenly get netted while boosting to attack. Also notice that the size and regeneration really dont help when you're being pursued by submarines that fire way too many missions.

Oh love the bit of the bite of the moon achievement, but yeah got up to maybe wave 20 or so till the boats spammed so many water mines.

More improvement on the controls.