Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

I hate the aliens.. I don't know how to hit them on wave 20.

Every size is a new challenge thats what i tihink.

". . . To the last I grapple with thee. . . " -Captain Ahab. Seriously, though. VERY addicting and very cleverly done. I played this for hours.

A really fun game.

I loved the game, I even played it for hours. I only had a couple TINY problems which I wont take off ratings for, cause they're not that big a deal. But, the whale is really hard to control on the largest size. And, the flopping around thing got kind of annoying when trying to take down a ship. Also, it's not that big a problem, but I noticed he doesn't breathe out of his blowhole. You had to bring his mouth above water for him to breathe. None the less, the game was very fun and I enjoy the medals. c:


Kept me going till i had all medals
Fun to play
-1 for hard to handle whale on largest size ;)