Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

At wave 20 this game becomes unplayable. Submarines and alien spaceships can hit you off screen. Aliens can hit you without you even being able to see them, let alone hit them. And submarines can hit you from the other side of the map and shoot a nonstop barrage of torpedoes.

Moby Dick 2 is a really fun game. To get far in the game, you have to reassign points to successfully execute a strategy. My main strategy is dying a few times in different areas, so I know which ships/balloons are a nuisance, and which to go attack at certain times. One thing I would add though, is that there should be a max number of ships allowed to be on screen so there isn't like 20 ships attacking you at once. The one thing I would say to change about this game, is that sometimes ships are half onscreen and you only get to eat half of the people on the ship, and the ships can still attack you full on. Overall it's a really nice game.

Nice ideia! Good animation and music too!
good job!

love this game!! the moby dick games r so cool!!!!

this game is verry fun, As the waves get higher the fishing hets and ammounf of humans on each boat get bigger/higher too, Which is slightly annoying there is no way to get out the nets and dam they throw 3 at a time which interupt your charge and because now theres 6/7 humans on a boat ur like a fluffy sheep stuck there getting slapped by the vast amount of humans shooting into the sea. My opinion they need to adjust the charge so it can break you free of the fishing nets. Rated 4 still a verry fun game.