Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

lengthy but fun

nice game! maybe a lil lengthy but hey, more time to waste :)

@Bob1983: you do know that whales breath air, right? so it makes perfektly sense that he has to come to the surface to survive

Fun game, but

Why the Whale lose air in the water and need it out of the water? It's Whale for god sakes! They need water to survive! It should be the other way around.

this remember me

this game remember me to sidney/miami shark...


it was very fun, just like the first one. but i think there is something wrong. am i supose to bye like speed and boost a bunch becauce i cant reach the martians at all. they are of the screen. also, there is a glitch were only two submarines will fire about 10 rockets at one time.


wave 50 done in ya face bitchs