Reviews for "Moby Dick 2"

Lots of fun!

Great gameplay, great customizability, great enemies!

I can see that a lot of work when into this, great job!

Being able to reset points mid-level was an amazing idea! This made the game much more strategic and MUCH more fun! Nice.

My suggestions for a MD3:
1)The game was a little long. The last ten waves or so do not add that much. Just more of the same. The replayability of this game minimizes this issue, tho.
2) You should have a level select!
3) The 15 fish combo award seems a little unrealistic. I would not say that just bc I cannot do it that it is impossible, but I have never even come close in several attempts. I have never even seen 15 fish in that short of a period of time. Then again, I am guessing that some people lucked (or skilled) their way into this one.

Make a third one!

This game is awesome!
but difficult.... XD

I used to be a whale just like you...

..but then I took an arrow to the knee


The gameplay way extremely addicting but I felt like it was not satisfying.

First of all this game shows all the kinds of enemies somewhere lvl 30 and what sad about it is there is nothing more to expect than those units. Expecting the levels to be harder after the next is the only thing players would look onto after lvl 30 which makes it a bit unsatisfying.

The unlimited enemies in the end (lvl 50) was a good idea but then it would have been better if there was a story in to it than just it being a survival level. There should be an ending at least and asking if you want to continue after because without an ending it really feels unsatisfying.

I am looking forward for Moby Dick 3 if ever you will make a sequel of this game. :)


I love how you can reallocate your points anytime you want. It adds a kinda sneaky level of depth and makes it very dynamic being able to change your play style whenever you want. It does so not only by opening new doors depending on where you put those points, but it can be a double edged sword by sneaking in new challenges. With most games you're left to wonder "What would it be like if I'd built myself that way?...". Not here, oh no. I think this aspect makes the game that much funner.