Reviews for "Devilish Differences"

Neither interesting nor new, but fine.

I played through the game, but it was nothing new or interesting.
Of course, making a game this genre always is nothing new, but this hasn't even got any additional feautres, like altering difficulty. Maybe there could have been some more pictures, too.
Well, at least those are pretty well done, and it was a good and - in some certain way - funny idea to try out pixel art, but in my personal opinion, one is enough. When the second came, it was boring. Nothing new, again.

The coding should have been easy. No extra points here.^^

The music was quite good, it suited the style of art, especially 8-bit for pixel art. Sooner or later it gets annoying, but thank god, you can stop it.

You should have added a button when the "storie" is displayed on screen, so one can just click it in order to start the game or can take ones time to read all of it.

I guess that this is not a coding problem, but a problem of restricted TextFields. The TextField is restricted to Numbers, so it won't show extra characters like "-". The variable which is displayed in there still has a negative value.

Sorry if you don't get what I tried to tell you. I know my English isn't that good...

Ab9003 responds:

I appreciate your criticisms. I'd just like to remind you that we were given an entirely random team and a very short time to make this game. We would have loved to deliver a much larger game but it simply wasn't realistic given the deadline. We hope if this game receives enough support though we can continue improving it and making it better as well as collaborate on future games.


i found a awesome glitch.

At level 3 i clicked until i got my score on zero, and from that point every click gets you +10 instead -10 also the score counts up as well. I think it works on every level.

Other than that, the game is ok. I'm not that excited about this one.
I'm not sure were your team will end in game jam #6. The competition has some good stuff. Good luck bro.

Ab9003 responds:

Your score isn't going up by 10. Its going down by 10 into the negatives! Lol, I'll see if I can cap the lowest score possible to 0.

Edit: Fixed now.

Difficulty curve?

What's the point in having individual levels if they're all equally as hard as each other? Why not just have one superdetailed picture with lots of things you can spot the difference with?

Also, you can't mute MIDI tracks. The music drilled my skull to pieces after about the first minute.

Good work on the artwork and the coding though.

Ab9003 responds:

There was a minor variable issue causing a bug with the mute function on level 3. This is now fixed! Thanks for playing and please try it again now that the issue is gone.

There is nothing different in level 2 damnit

Stop playing tricks.

Ab9003 responds:

If you get lost use the hint button, you may even get a medal for it ;).