Reviews for "Devilish Differences"

Fun Game

Interesting story choice. I liked how only level 4 ran well for me. lol I did notice a mistake in the artwork though. In level 4, the blood on the table, seeping down is different in both pictures but not considered a difference. I thought you might want to know that. :)

you know

i like that you are free to use the hint :) but anyway awesome game


I loved the music :)

Very Good for 72 hours

Score: 4124

Great Graphics, really top notch - Love the transition between styles in accordance with two artists... I prefer the pixel art but love the comic style of the former. The game is really good as a whole... only annoyance is that on level 3? I believe, the sound button isn't active ...

Apart from that, a superb game for 72 hours.

Well done!

It's nice to see the best new entries in this NG Game Jam. What really made this was how good the animation was. There was really a great amount of detail in this game, so great I could hardly get through it! I really like this awesome atmosphere that you've created with all these crazy things going on. While I'm not that good at it, I can at least give you credit for having such easy medals. I used to look at these difference puzzles all the time when I was a kid.

It's funny how that sort of thing never does away. People will always appreciate the work and effort put into good drawings and detail. It does seem like a rather Nietzschian setting. While it's definitley not easy, it's something you have to take a look at. I may not be the biggest fan of finding the difference games, but I can appreciate them.