Reviews for "Devilish Differences"

Nice job

I checked the credits before playing, and there was no way to get rid of them! They blocked the play button and I had to refresh.

Also, I don't see any negative effects of using hints. If there's a limit to them I didn't find it.

Ab9003 responds:

Did you see the "close this box" button in the credits? It's possible you missed it it's at the bottom of the box. I don't penalize people for getting lost in the game but if a lot of people want this I can add a minor incentive to click it less frequently.

nice work

the art was great

and the pixel levels were evil haha

Ab9003 responds:

WE'RE NOT WORTHY *Bows Down*. Haha, big fan of your work sir! Thanks for checking out our game and happy to have such a classy gentlemen as a fellow member of this little Game Jam.


i like this game! not the music..


Cool art style, great music, really liked the 8 bit part.

Solid Effort


Nice work! I really enjoyed it, though it was a bit quick. My two primary criticisms are;

The change in art style from the traditional drawing to the 8 bit format was kind of abrupt. I realize this is sort of the point of a hallucination but never the less it was kind of jarring.

The hint button was free.

That said, the moody, atmospheric art, the catchy music(all two tracks of it.), and the tricky difficulty all add up to an entertaining diversion. Nice work!