Reviews for "Devilish Differences"

Gentleman,I love this game!

It's a great game! please,if possible,make more levels!

Now I'm cross-eyed

Fun game, but short. Need high scores.

I cheated

liked the fact that the game doesn't penalize you for the hint button, played twice, second time, I just hit the hint button over and over, collecting the differences in record time, but every so often, i'll go too fast and I had to find one on my own *Scary* but I liked it, found the music soothing and kept my attention on the screen

One too many

On level 4 there are actualy 6 differences.
The right eye on the bookshelve is not in the same position.
Its not counted as a legal difference though.

Funny but simple, and some trully devilish differences.

Played it twice, good time waster ;).
7 for the 10 mins it helped me pass.

nice music

final score : 4420