Reviews for "Devilish Differences"

Despite the offensive words, really awesome

A very polished and playable entry. Everything in it seems near-perfect. To make this great game even more great, I would eliminate the use of the N word in the intro - I get that you're going for a 'period' look, but since it isn't funny you could make it just as good by replacing it with the words "- a servant!" or something. You just can't use that kind of word in this day and age. That said, the art is fabulous and it was fun to play. Keep up the awesome work!

Ahhh nice

I say Ahhh nice but I mean incredible. The story I am not too much of a fan of, kind of takes away from the rest of the feel of the "game" but still is good none the less. The music is awesome, even though it repeats it's still awesome. Had myself going with the tune as I looked for the carefully hidden spots. Found myself skimming over every little thing, then hitting the hint button to find out it's in an obvious spot! well obvious for me at least... or not. Either way the demons are inventive and fun as devilish as they are and the transition is great as well. Wonderful job, can't wait to see what else you have in store for newgrounds. I didn't play this when there were bugs or glitches, but the fact that you quickly fixed the problem garners more respect. In a way I wish the game was a bit longer, as continuing on with the game was fueled mostly by what neat and horrifically awesome scene was going to pop up next. his slow delve into insanity could be brought to life in a really interesting full on game as well. Need more horror type games like these, very inventive monsters and what not, creepy vibes that sort of thing, instead of all this zombie this, and werewolf that. :P that's not creepy at all, that's just over done boring, as much fun as it can be to blow away thousands of zombies, it's been done. To revert to a lovecraft esque game is incredibly refreshing, and the music made it that much sweeter.

I am (again) looking forward to future games from you and your team. keep up the awesome work!


Fun, short diversion.

Well, I knew what I was getting into from beginning this game, and that's precisely what I got. A short differences game with a neat style. The "story" was amusing and added to the particular style that you were attempting. The pixelated change was welcome and unexpected. However, it came with a glaring bug. I had muted the game's sound as to not bother my fiancee' and upon entering the first pixel picture, the sound returned and I was unable to mute it. Clicking the mute button would just create an extra layer of music.

Overall, this game was fun and short enough to not overstay it's welcome. But the glaring bug and the unoriginality of the gameplay will keep it from being a true classic.

Ab9003 responds:

Fixed, update in admin review.

good game but....

I did notice a mistake. on the fourth level if you look under the left eye of the monster under the table the line under his eye has 2 fewer pixels on one side than it does the other and the game does not recognize it. you can even beat the level without it.

Way to many..

On stage 4 as other have sad before, the eyes and such BUT the "food" on the table got 2 green pixels right in the middle but it doesnt one the right screen only left so i clicked away like a maniac but nope doesnt work ! Just clicked the hint button on some stages and i think it just blink in a random spots sometimes cause it shows on something thats 100% alike on both screens so ...

Ab9003 responds:

Moved the thing 2 pixels over, update will be available in 24 hours (has to be admin reviewed). I really think you need to learn some respect for developers though, giving a 0 to somebody who worked very hard on something in a very strict time limit because of a minor issue is incredibly cruel.