Reviews for "Devilish Differences"

LOL @storyline

I too stick to the proper spices of life lol

Is it only me?

or in a various picture did you also see the Savastica?
the sign of the nazies? now that's real evil....

Ab9003 responds:

Why yes you dirty dog :).

That's a game!!

Best Diferences game evr! Toss the barbie pony adventure magical bitch difference-games away and play this!

It's freaking sweet!!! <3

A quite hilarious bonanza of experience, old chap

While I often express a profound spite for the pleban genre of interactives called "diffrence hunt", the grotesque humour displayed by this fine specimen made it a worthy means of passing time. So fine spectacle, old bean, and carry on.

Post - scriptum. Please nay bastardize the fine english language.

Too Easy

i'm giving u a 5 & 10 b/c i beat it & got all medals b/c i remember where everything was the 2nd time YAY!!!!

next time have multiple random things to find or no challenge