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Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"


And, i love it. everyone did their best. good job. Also, for you guys, he easter egg is on the main menu, just click gra-TRANSMISSION ENDED- No spoilers! just, you pervs would get it immediately.

Mattster responds:

Thanks! Nice work finding the easter egg... perv ;)

secret medal

on the main menu screen click on both of the grannies boobs to get it

Mattster responds:

And the last one to cross the finish-line...

great game can you please explane how to get the secret medal

Haha, what an awesome game! :'D
The character and enemy design was amazing. I really like the way they look. And the boss battle was cool too!
5 Stars, great job!

P.S.: Nice secret medal.

Its a good game, but gets kinda boring after a while, would be nice if you added Upgrades which would give you new and stronger combo moves or something