Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

Super good

This was really surprisingly polished for such a short period of time. The gameplay was a little repetitive but it was still enjoyable wacking the baddies. I think the combo system was nice and it felt satisfying to get it right. Nice intro and background. Awesome !

Mattster responds:

Woohoo :D

great game

great game got all medals!

Mattster responds:



far out game all i want is a god dam cookie but no those dam toasters, evil hamburgers, and kamikaze carrots. won,t let me have a god dam cookie

Mattster responds:

Psst, they're pineapples

The game could use some controlling improvements.

The idea of a crazy grandma protecting her cookies is a fun idea and worthy of taking another look into.

The timing for combos works.

But Grandma could do a 'spin-attack' by holding down while pressing "A" or "SPACE".

This way, she can get from one side of the stage to the next easily. Allowing for more timing and strategy for defeating the final boss and earning higher points from bonus stages.

However, the spin-attack needs to recharge.

But for a game made in 72 hours. It's not BAD!

Mattster responds:

Great suggestions, thanks!

good grandmother