Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

For game jam its great.

I didnt imagin anyone could make this in couple of days.
The grandma was drawn great. You could have worken a bit on
the burger. :) Its great!

Mattster responds:

Thanks :D MindChamber did the grandma and I (the programmer) did the Toaster/Burgers... that's why they aren't quite as nice as everything else :P Thanks for the review!


And, i love it. everyone did their best. good job. Also, for you guys, he easter egg is on the main menu, just click gra-TRANSMISSION ENDED- No spoilers! just, you pervs would get it immediately.

Mattster responds:

Thanks! Nice work finding the easter egg... perv ;)

love love

<3 game

click her boobs at main menu and u get secret medal

ZOMG that was awesome! Congrats to the musician and the artists, fantastic job especially for a game made in 72 hours! I cannot say anything for the programming because I have no experience at all and I do not know how I can rate it. But as long as the game runs smoothly and controls are responsive, I guess the programmer did a good job right?
You get a five stars from me, there is no doubt about it.