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Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

Great graphics. I enjoyed this game very much.

I think so much could be built on this. Upgrades etc.

I feel I need to confess that I kept looking at Grannies swinging boobies.. I couldn't help myself, I'm going to hell.

Mattster responds:

MC was quite proud of those ;)

great game can you please explane how to get the secret medal

i think what would make the game better is a shop that will sell you different weapons (spatula, butter knives to throw ,hair spray as full when you tape it to a lighter to be a flame thrower, butcher knife, shot gun,a bowl of hot fudge as a bomb or some bottles of cleaning supply's found under the sink taped together with a lighter to make a bomb)and some different battle costumes,or even some wall (stove, dish washer, microwave, refrigerator) maybe even turrets.
minions to like an old guy
please take this into consideration.
well its still a funny awesome game good job. :)

Mattster responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we aren't going to develop this any further (as it was made in 72 hours for a contest). But the suggestions will definitely help for future games :)

Very funny game. I love the graphics, and the idea is hilarious.
And I think all the improvements that other people say may get the game excellent.

Mattster responds:

Agreed, thanks for the review

The game could use some controlling improvements.

The idea of a crazy grandma protecting her cookies is a fun idea and worthy of taking another look into.

The timing for combos works.

But Grandma could do a 'spin-attack' by holding down while pressing "A" or "SPACE".

This way, she can get from one side of the stage to the next easily. Allowing for more timing and strategy for defeating the final boss and earning higher points from bonus stages.

However, the spin-attack needs to recharge.

But for a game made in 72 hours. It's not BAD!

Mattster responds:

Great suggestions, thanks!