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Reviews for "Trippin Kitchen"

Its a good game, but gets kinda boring after a while, would be nice if you added Upgrades which would give you new and stronger combo moves or something

Overall it was fun to play and well mader. There are some things you can add or expand on to improve it, but for what you have I do respect. I wouldn't honestly play it again (I did get to the end) , but it also wasn't a total waste of time. The story was funny as well, although maybe putting a picture or cut scene between levels would make it more interesting.
Also love that it's tagged tits, although I didn't need the grandma boob physics ahaha. But it should also be tagged booty cause the flour has a pretty nice one. That made me laugh more than it should've (:

Mattster responds:

Thanks for the feedback! If only we had more time.

MC spent a lot of time getting those bouncing perfectly, it just had to be a tag ;)

Fun game nothing too fancy but the animation was fluid as expected from mindchamber and funny story too

The whole time grandma was beating the crap out of her grandson, who just wanted some cookies D;,
The game was fun, and the character designs were great.

Wow, this game is crazy.
Wacking all those toasters..
That grandma is mental.