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Reviews for "Oceans Wide"

To begin, I am reminded of 'The Fitting Room' by the general instrumentation and background melody, and I did quite like that; the instrumentation is, overall, quite nice, and the general feeling of this piece of music is nicely soothing, and the vocals all sound good.

The lyrics start strong, but there are a few unfortunate faults among them: the lines

'Strong winds to the left of you
And heavy rain to the right of you —
Still know that I am here'

seem a little strangely-worded, and might have been better as something like:

'Strong winds, do they blast your boards?
Do rains bombard you through the night?
Remember, I am here.'

Further, 'When darkness casts its terrible spell' seems a bit out of place, and might be better replace with something that better reenforces the oceanic imagery, such as: 'When you fear being overwhelmed/When black waves far above you swell...'.

With regards to the chorus, it has only a single line I might seriously advise altering: 'So come and walk towards me in faith and love' might have been better given as 'So come, I wait for you with arms opened wide'.

Finally, your final verses rhyme strangely, where the rest of the lyrics do not. This is a little jarrin. The word 'screaming' is, further, somewhat out-of-synch with what precedes it — 'waiting' and 'searching' feel like more quiet, pensive sorts of actions, though the latter could also imply franticness. The word 'screaming' is, however, random, and the word 'unease' in the following line, likely meant to rhyme with 'breeze', feels a little forced as well.

Overall, however, the piece of music sounds good, and the vocals and instruments work well together; I likely should not have been able to pay such close attention to the lyrics were they not provided, so what I have remarked is likely not near as obtrusive as the time devoted to talking about it makes it seem.

It's Scala ;)

They our from our country and the only people who don't know them over here are babies and very very old people. Personally, I think they should break the formula and get some tenors in there, possibly a bass too!

Well I think this song's great. It feels right and it sounds right. The only point of critcism I have, and it's really nothing, is that it could use some (more) percussive elements here and there. But that's just me, I like everything better with drugs. Drums,omg,what am I like! I get a wave like sensation from the melody without the drums though, like you're being lifted and put down ,over and over again until the storm dies out. I really enjoy what you did there.

I wonder what you mean with Playstation 1-esque? Do you mean like it sounds as if it's made with Music 2000? If so I strongly disagree hehe

Troisnyx responds:

By PlayStation 1-esque, I mean very remeniscent of solid music that has made history for the PS1: Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, Suikoden, Bust-a-Move... the aesthetic is very similar to tracks from those games.

I thought of pounding the bodhrán to this song... get timpani mallets, or drumsticks covered in cloth or summat, and just beat it in time to the music. Then I thought, I wasn't sure about it. At the moment the only drums I have in this piece are subtle timpani nuances, because one, I'm a timpanist as well, and two, I didn't want it to overpower the other instruments I had. It's a tough one, finding the right balance....

Thanks for the lovely review by the way. And I'll remember for future reference that it's Scala. ^_^ Glad you liked it!

im sure this will make it into the next round for sure, goodluck n__n)b !!
- Pandasticality

Troisnyx responds:

I hope so. Let's not jump to presumptions, but hope for the best. And whatever happens from this point on happens.