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Reviews for "Oceans Wide"

I've been holding back reviewing this piece for a while because I feel rather strongly about it in many different ways. As a composition this is one of the best I've heard from you. It's a really admiral quality that you put a part of yourself into everything you do.

I can only really review in the sense of what I would personally do if I had to improve this in my own subjective way. Firstly, I feel the song feels quite flat. Everything seems almost piled towards the middle of the stereo field. The mix would really benefit from a lot more panning and stereo shaping. You're trying to create an atmosphere with a piece like this, so you want to transport the listener to the world you create through all these sounds and melodies. It's important to really create an atmosphere, a wideness that surrounds the listener as they listen. When I shut my eyes and listen, I want to experience everything around me in the song, I don't want the experience to only be in front of me. It takes away a bit of the magic and holds it back.

The mallets for me were too loud in the mix and had quite a sharp sound. With wooden instruments, they tend to create a feeling of warm percussion as opposed to metal instruments that create a colder higher-end sound. I think it's good to bear that in mind when mixing them to get the most out of it.

The vocal performance was generally probably one of your best to date. I know that you've gotten slaughtered in the past when you've gone out of your comfort zone. You're really learning to control your voice properly. You sound especially lovely in the chorus. In the past, your harmonies have tended to come across as overbearing at time, but they were really nice in this. Proud of you! Having said that though, pay attention to the ends of your phrasing. 1:44 for example... "niiiight. ..-t- t.. t". That could have easily been avoided by re-recording those harmonies and making sure they're exactly on time OR, even more simply, silencing the t's of the harmonies so it isn't just a layer of a lot of out of sync 't' sounds.

Basically, panning, stereo shaping, volumes and closer attention to vocal mixing are a good direction to follow in order to improve your piece and things to consider in the future!

I've never been too comfortable with being overly critical of peoples' work but if I think my advice might help a person, then I brush aside the insecurities. Seriously, your composition-style is really inspiring to me. Best of luck sweetie!! ^0^

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks Jordi. I need solid advice on mixing nearly every time.

Now if I recall correctly, the vocals were panned to their respective places (highs to the left, mids to the centre and lows to the right), but I think my mistake was putting 100% stereo integration in a bid to make the song sound fuller; it had the opposite effect. MetalRenard also did tell me that the vocals sound mono-ish, so I might see to it once the results are out. Heck, if you'd like, I'll pass you the FLP.

I cannot help but agree on every point. Many times I was tempted to re-record the vocals, only to hold myself back due to lack of time and me trying others' patience (and my own, at times). Oye! Ce qui est fait est fait, and I shudder to think that the axe might drop on me too.

Thanks again, especially for helping me address the specific issues with the piece. You've helped me lots.

10/10 melodies, but that mixing is really screwed up. Go fix it. Also you really love suspended chords, but that's ok, because I do too.

Really those melodies are gorgeous though! so good!

Troisnyx responds:

While I still have time, what exactly needs fixing?

Very beautiful progression.

Can't put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it's something classic.
Disney meets 80s ballad? And I mean that in the best way possible.

1:11 is a superb moment.

Fantastic work; Good luck!

Troisnyx responds:

All the best to you too!

I'll admit not having thought about it sounding like Disney until you told me. I guess I'm getting it just a little bit, from hearing the chords.... hm. I like classic Disney, and I'm pleasantly surprised that the song reminded you of it.

Simply lovely, Troisnyx! The pacing and overall sound really are reminiscent of several PS 1-era games, most notably - to me, at least - Chrono Cross. Your instrument choices are fun and appropriate, but I admit that I found myself wishing that at least some of the wooden xylophone (or was that marimba?) had been a bit of acoustic guitar, harp, dulcimer, or something else from the plucked family of strings. Regardless of my own mental meanderings, the journey was a beautiful and soulful one. Very nicely done and best of luck to you!

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thanks! A hammered dulcimer would've perhaps done the trick, I agree -- in the vein of music done by Enya, Erutan, Akiko Shikata etc. The mallets were the closest I could bring it to, I'm afraid. ^_^'

I'm glad you liked the song regardless. All the best to you!

Very pretty. The instrumental is quite nice, indeed. Very reminiscent of a great JRPG!

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thank you. : )