Reviews for "Jesus is Quadriplegic"

Borrowed from fabbemannen.

Controls 4/5 - I like the physics engine added to it! And the friction is good!
Music 4/5 - I liked it.
Artstyle 5/5 - I've always loved your art style!

loved it!

it was a really fun game and i like the style! thank you :)

awsome game


As i said i will review the game not the hate,so the game was good,i only found 2 problems..

Sometimes when i press X it won't shoot.
Background does't loop correctly.

Anyway,8,and 5 ;)

pillowsurfermikko responds:

that's actually a delay on the shooting timer
we kind of wanted to add a little bar that would fill up, but time makes fools of us all



Controls 3/5 - Not as fast moving as you would want them to be.
Music 4/5 - Well suited tracks while playing and game over (won't review my own song in the title ;) Never liked it anyhow). The sound quality wasn't perfect though
Artstyle 5/5 - Loved it :D All those small things really added to the experience

pillowsurfermikko responds:

i`m glad you liked the art style of it :)
and the controls i think were something we would have tweaked a bit if we had more time :|

-Mikko (he forced me to cite my responses to not sully his name)