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Reviews for "Gone Emo"


Very well done just need to put on a wind screen on your mic and your golden

Why was he playing zelda on an Xbox?

It's easy to make people sad, it's much more difficult to make people laugh. You made me laugh AT people who are sad, well done.

ToasterBrutals responds:

It was a joke. Kinda like trying to play Battletoads for Wii hahaha


*spam laughter times infinity with head explosion here*


Nice! The animation was good. The humor was excellent. I especially loved that catching fire in sunlight gag. But man, that audio! I know you warned about the cracking, but it was still distracting as hell. Still, good flash all and all. Next time, though, do something about that audio!

Subliminal messages?

I SAW IT!!!!! lol in all seriousness animation was great and it was actually funny though it could do without the loud ass speaker destroying noises