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Reviews for "Freigeist"

it scared me a little at first, but that was the best ending ever!!


love the plot behind this game how you can switch worlds. wish you could actually attack those enemies when you are trapped and no wa out of jumping on a platform.

Well done..

It's a interesting point of view... The game is very short, but the message in the end is interesting. But a little hard to put on pratice xDDD

A man who returns of the war, but still seeing the war wherever he go, we can say he is a prisioner of his mind, if I can remember, this is a sickness.

Maybe, the freedom for our hero on the game, is the death. 'Cause he is finally away of all of that pain and can see a bright light. It's sad how many times this was the truth of that people...


I really enjoyed playing this game, and I liked the concept a lot. The game is a bit too short, and parts of the story are obscure or missing (who was the little girl?) but overall, I would say this was very well done.

Pretty deep game!

Well, it's actually a pretty heavy theme, but with a light gameplay. The 'inner' world is quite peaceful and calm. Does this mean he is free to think what he wants, or is this some start of crazyness and alienation of the real and suffered world?

Plus, what the little doll means?