Reviews for "Freigeist"

Good job

Awesome stuff guys. To think that four of you pulled this off in 96 hours is pretty cool. I can't wait to see the other submissions!

Good work.

deffinitly worth playing

i like the concept of this game, its different and new. i like the idea of switching between the two 'worlds' to get to the end of the level. tho i didn't have any problems with the controls, they felt fluid and responsive. loved the music, gave it a nice atmosphere and a little more depth to the game. also worth saying i like the artwork.

good stuff

reminded me my shrooms experiences. still don't know why we all see eyes everywhere


I personally loved the game, loved the concept, easy and simple. Especially loved the contrasting mental states available. The story was wonderful, but as repeated over and over, it is a bit too short for such a great concept. Seemed too easy as well if you think of it as a puzzle platform game, assumed there would be more, but still great. Good work (thumbs up)!

wow this was really.... sentimental this was awesome!
Not a hard game either!
I beat it a million times!
The message at the end was cool